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Global Mind Mastery (GMM) is looking for people wanting to make a difference to the lives of millions. Our mission is to change how the world thinks and if you are interested in a career with full internal training, profit sharing and an unlimited earning potential, then please get in touch today.

Please only contact us if you are motivated, passionate and really wanting to improve your life as you change the lives of many.

We believe that in building us, business is building and we all gain! Become a part of the GMM family today »

"If you plant wheat, you get a harvest for one year.  If you plant trees, you get a harvest for 3-5 years.  If you plant people, you get a harvest for 3 generations."


The GMM difference and success is through its people, the products and results.  Without the right people, we can not achieve our goals.  Global Mind Mastery is always taking on dynamic people with a dream.  GMM’s core philosophy is that if you build and provide the environment for people to grow, you will grow and build the business.

“The Ripple effect” principal sustains that people move products and services, not product and services moving people.  The GMM concept to include agent partner programs & team referral opportunities instills an environment for personal growth and leadership opportunity.  Business is about profile relationships, team focus, service pride and the opportunity for one’s own personal and family goals.

GMM and HGI believes if it helps develop its people and clients, they in turn will develop the business.  The complete GMM and HGI Awards and Accreditation Career Program has been established to ensure that the Group Divisions continue to focus on this very important philosophy and principle.

We have developed an internal structured Career Plan, built on very successful systems of globally successful companies. Included in the career plan are:

  • One central company for data tracking
  • A stepped level achievement process
  • Internal accreditation
  • External accreditation
  • Equity rights
  • Profit share
  • Bonuses
  • Recognition
  • Awards
  • Travel
  • Incentives
  • Business growth support
  • Leverage opportunities
  • Residual opportunities
  • Regional territory focus
  • National territory focus
  • International territory focus
  • Cross-branding HR resources
  • Internal career development capitalization
  • Personal development training