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The Athlete’s Secret Weapon Online Program

'The Secret Weapon' shares his experience in this unique 8 week online program

The Basics of the Program...

  • You have Australia's #1 for Sports Hypnosis to guide you on this journey.
  • The Program is for 8 weeks.
  • The Athlete's Secret Weapon is an online program only.
  • The same tools, processes and informationare those that World Champions use!
  • This is not a feeder to a more expensive program.
  • The information is delivered directly into your email in box on a weekly basis.
  • Every process, worksheet and MP3 audios are downloadable for ongoing success.
  • You have access to forums and a closed Facebook group to ask, share and support.

The total cost is $495 inc GST

Athlete's Secret Weapon is the key to…

  • Consistently high results
  • Managing Nerves and fears
  • Being 'In the Zone' instantly
  • Eliminating distractions

And increased confidence, strength, focus and happiness... and all in 8 weeks.

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"I have watched in amazement for years the ability of athletes to push their mind and bodies to the edge. Imagine training 6 hours a day for 6 days a week to compete for an event that lasts 10 seconds every 4 years! Your mind is the only difference on the day… 1st or last on that day is all in your head!

Can you guarantee you are in the best mindset for that... or are you leaving it to chance. All the training in the world means nothing if your head is not switched on!"