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About Us

GMM has been formed to bring together Stuart Walter’s abilities, products and programs into one dynamic Company.

The powers of the human mind are only starting to be realized, to have control over the one thing that fails many is empowering.

GMM has incorporated products and programs that are delivering life changing outcomes for people in all areas of Sport, Business, Kids and Life!

GMM brands focus on the most important aspects of success… the mind!

About CEO Stuart Walter

7 years ago, Stuart used his personal situation as a catalyst to change. It was this decision and journey of change that released the talent and natural abilities to change people’s lives. These changes lead to Stuart pursuing his 2 passions, working with Athletes and Kids. That decision now allows millions of people to benefit from this ability discovered in Stuart’s life.

Over the last decade, Stuart has been involved in the development of a number of products and programs within the Hypnotherapy Industry. This has lead Stuart to being recognisied as one of the leaders in the industry. Just some of the achievements include:

  • President of (AAPHAN) Australian Association for Professional Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners
  • Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Published Author
  • Program Creator
  • Regular on Brisbane radio stations

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